Quality Control

Environmentally Friendly Custodial Services in Cincinnati

Alpha & Omega Building Services is dedicated to providing you with the best services possible, which is why we have rigorous quality control in place. With quality control, we anticipate, identify, and correct potential problems prior to your intervention. We also perform regular inspections to make sure that our staff members are doing their jobs right.

Outline of Responsibilities

For employees, they must make sure all areas are cleaned to your specifications and satisfaction, every day they're on the job. They need to know that if something is dirty, they need to clean it. For supervisors, they have to ensure that their employees have tools, chemicals, and time to clean. Management must do the same duties as supervisors, but must also follow up with problem areas and communicate with customers to resolve issues.


In order to accomplish quality goals, our employees go through rigorous training, including orientation and working with an experienced cleaner for two days. Supervisors have working knowledge of building specifications and customer expectations. Supervisors must always follow up with their employees and customers. Management must also do the same and constantly train supervisors.

Customer Relations

Employees have minimal contact with the customers, but are courteous. Supervisors have regular contact with customers and always follow up and do regular inspections. Management takes charge and takes care of every request to make sure the customers are always satisfied. We are here to serve.

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