Our Team

Cleaning Services in Dayton

How has Alpha & Omega Building Services managed to wow the residents of Ohio throughout these years? Well, we use honest, reliable, and motivated personnel. Without these staff members, we wouldn't have made it. Our personnel have worked in some of the most prestigious corporate, educational, and special event buildings in Ohio. This enables them to bring personalized and professional service to your facility. We have a great reputation of providing personalized services to our customers.

Thorough Training

Each staff member gets proper training to ensure that our services are always uniform and superior. Each staff member is always formally inducted by an experienced member of our team. The induction lasts for two to three days and staff members receive continuous support. Most of our employees have remained with us since our beginning in 1986 and our turnover rate is less than 20% a year.

Client Comments

  • "Extremely helpful and courteous"
  • "Good organizational skills" 
  • "High level of energy"
  • "Timely and thorough"
  • "Take pride in a job well done"
  • "Friendly and caring" 
  • "Go above and beyond the call of duty"

Continuous Inspections

We always make sure that our employees always have continuous training so that their skills and knowledge are enhanced and constantly updated. We also continuously do operational training, daily maintenance, and familiarization updates on our equipment. All equipment is examined before and after services have been performed, and we always have emergency backup equipment available.

Trust in a company with over 31 years' experience: (937) 298-2125

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