Facility Maintenance in Columbus

Anything that we can do to make your facility look and feel brand new again, Alpha & Omega Building Services can do it. When it comes to your HVAC system, we can do preventative maintenance, do filter changes, installations, energy management systems, and cooling tower cleaning, as well as other odd jobs such as changing light bulbs and removing snow.

Electrical Work

Our professional team can handle preventative and corrective maintenance for emergency/standby power systems, power distribution systems, and electrical distribution systems. We're able to work on these systems for both interior and exterior work and can safely perform these services for your peace of mind.

Plumbing Services

For your plumbing, we can do preventative and corrective maintenance for irrigation systems, sump pumps, filtration systems, hot water tanks, mixing valves, toilets, circulating pumps, domestic-type faucets, and urinals. Having a working plumbing system is crucial for providing comfort for your employees, customers, and guests, so make sure everything is in working order by having us regularly maintain it for you.

Structural Repairs and More

Our hardworking team can do preventive and corrective maintenance for door systems, wall systems, and exterior work. We can also work on hardwood floor refinishing, ceiling grid and ceiling tiles, carpentry, and roof repairs. Other types of services we offer include construction cleanups, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and truck mounted steam carpet extraction.

Have your HVAC filters professionally changed: (937) 298-2125

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