Commitment to our environment

Environmental Janitorial Service in Dayton

We are very environmentally-conscious and aim to provide the best cleaning services with the least carbon footprints as possible.

Socially Responsible

Here at Alpha & Omega Building Services, we understand that we all share the same air and water, and know that we need to preserve what we have for future generations. We are here to help you be socially responsible while keeping jobs and meeting budgets, since we know that it can be an overwhelming duty to do so by yourself. You won't have to worry with us by your side.

Truly Going Green

The term "going green" can be ambiguous, especially since many janitorial firms claim to be green when they really aren't. However, at our company, we've always invested in products and ongoing training in order to make sure that we're ready to be as green as you need our services to be.

Working With the Community

Throughout the decades, we have always been the leader in environmental janitorial services in our state. We are a strong believer in partnering with both the community and our customers. Your facility will always have access to environmentally-sound products, disposal systems, procedures, and equipment. These choices are available so you can choose the right things for your facility.

Use an environmentally-friendly company: (937) 298-2125

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