Carpet Cleaning

Facility Carpet Cleaning Services in Dayton, OH

Your carpet can become quite worn out after a while, even if you take care of it the best way you know how to. Sometimes, it takes a professional cleaning company to breathe new life into it and make your property look alive again. Alpha & Omega Building Services is here to help you get completely clean carpet once again.

Protect Your Investment

Carpet is a major investment, especially if your building covers a large area of space. By having us regularly clean your carpet, you can preserve not only your facility image, but you can also significantly extend the life of your carpet. Preventative care can add years of life to your carpet so you don't have to prematurely buy new carpet for your business.

Amazing Staff

All of our staff members are thoroughly trained to keep up-to-date with the best and most thorough cleaning methods for your carpet. They are courteous and professional, and you'll be quite impressed with their innovative cleaning methods. No job is too large or small for us — Alpha & Omega Building Services can always meet all of your cleaning needs.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

You can count on our professional team to provide all types of carpet cleaning services for you. Our services include truck mounted steam carpet extraction, carpet cleaning for commercial, industrial, and residential needs, cleaning for any size carpet, and furniture cleaning as well.

Have your carpet thoroughly cleaned: (937) 298-2125

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